Doha Water 500ml – 1 Shrink X 12 PCS

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  • 500 ml Capacity
  • 1 Shrink 12 PCS
  • Low sodium structure water
  • Local Production (Made in Qatar)

About Doha water

Pure doha water, Water is spotless. This is the motivation that drives Doha Water. Providing its customers with a pure taste of drinking water, with a healthy amount of minerals. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) only recommends drinking water containing 20 mg of sodium or less.

Doha Water started with the aim of providing low-sodium water to people suffering from chronic dehydration associated with the heavy diet of naturally occurring sodium-rich water, which makes the calculation and follow-up of health issues such as kidney stones.

Low sodium content in Doha 200ml Water (less than 0.0001%) ensures that you get your daily dose of hydration with the right amount of mineral content to keep you healthy and active.Our water rich in potassium and magnesium ensures healthy heart and muscle, and is fully compatible with a sports lifestyle.

Doha water temperature is look like natrual water stand, that’s why all people considering the doha water. As well we have doha water delivery at home.

Doha water 500ml Every drop in every bottle of our purified water goes through a rigorous quality process. That’s how we can make sure it meets our high safety standards and tastes great too.

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Doha Water 500ml - 1 Shrink X 12 PCS

Doha Water 500ml - 1 Shrink X 12 PCS

5.00 ر.ق

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